Abacus, My Love

 Abacus, My Love (2014)




Abacus, My Love’ is a Ryerson thesis film. Bilingual, metatheatrical and uplifting, the story weaves its way through a mysterious theatre, layering performance on performance, stage within stage, until the curtain line delivers some closure to the performance.An Anglophone thief, Guy, falls in love with a French Canadian seamstress, Elle, whose father, Papa Monsieur, has imposed a strict suitor’s quest. With help from the gregarious seamstress, who is trapped sewing costumes for the play that is her life, the thief jumps into the play, altering the course of the story.
Starring Sara Sue Vallee, John Fleming and Robert Godin
Produced by Olivia Tran
Cinematography by Eric Rowe
Production Design by Kaitlin Churchill
Edit by Camille Lam
Music by Jeffrey Butzer
Sound Design by Mary Komech



For the rest of the Cast and Crew, please refer to the IMDB page for ‘Abacus, My Love’.