Abacus, My Love

Abacus, My Love (2014)



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‘Abacus, My Love’ is a Ryerson thesis film. Bilingual, metatheatrical and uplifting, the story weaves its way through a mysterious theatre, layering performance on performance, stage within stage, until the curtain line delivers some closure to the performance.An Anglophone thief, Guy, falls in love with a French Canadian seamstress, Elle, whose father, Papa Monsieur, has imposed a strict suitor’s quest. With help from the gregarious seamstress, who is trapped sewing costumes for the play that is her life, the thief jumps into the play, altering the course of the story.

















Abacus-Sara-Sueed-300x239Sara Sue Vallée

Sara Sue was born and raised in Quebec City. She made her theatre debut at the age of 11 at Mode é Arto acting studio playing various characters. Since then, her passion for acting has never ceased to grow, devoting daily work to her craft and improvement in her skills. After high school, she moved to NYC after being accepted at The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. After a year of study, she transferred to The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute to enrich her training. It was here that she studied The Method Acting. She appeared in various independent feature films, short films, plays, music videos & commercials.

Sara Sue is honored to be cast as Elle in Abacus My Love. She hopes to bring her passion, creativity and experiences to her first bilingual film.

Abacus-John-Fleming-300x220John Fleming

John is an actor and dialect coach. He recently play the lead in the short filmAmalgamations, which played in Cannes! Exciting! He produces The Game Show Extravaganza, which includes The Couples’ Game,The Dating Game & The Friendly Feudǃ He
also manages and bears a striking resemblance to their star host, Bob Burnhart. John’s voice can be heard in animated features, commercials and video games, and in the live shows and podcasts of Radio’s Revenge(.com) and Radio ProjectX(.com).


Abacus-Robert-Godin-294x300Robert Godin

Robert Godin is especially proud of his involvement with le Théâtre Français de Toronto since its very beginning in Le P’tit Bonheur in 1967. His career is mostly divided in two: Molière in French, a Dora nomination for Le Malade Imaginaire, L’École des Femmes, Les Fourberies de Scapin (TFT) and Musicals in English: Beauty and the Beast (Princess of Wales), Man of La Mancha (Theatre Aquarius), Irma la Douce (Theatre London). He played villains in Children’s Theatre, Beckett in French and English, En Attendant Godot and End Game. He played many priests in Les Ontariens à TFO, worked at the COC in Carmen and the Merry Widow.





Abacus-Olivia-200x300Olivia Tran

Olivia discovered her passion for film in her last year of high school when she interned at AJE Productions. She had the opportunity to go on set and watch the filming of a documentary series called Savages, she was also a part of the development process of the series. After her experiences at AJE Productions, she knew she wanted to study film at Ryerson. Now, into her fourth year in film at Ryerson she has developed an interest in the creative aspects of a production, she enjoys writing as well as working in the art department. She has worked on several student films in various roles, including Miss America which she wrote and art directed. She is excited to be working on Abacus, My Love and brings her knowledge and passion to the project.




Abacus-Circles-Kaitlin-Churchill-217x300KAITLIN CHURCHILL

Kaitlin Churchill is currently a fourth year film student pursuing her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and Certificate in Design for Arts and Entertainment at Ryerson University. Her fascination with visual storytelling led her to her film career where she aspires to become a production designer. She works in a variety of mediums as a freelance artist and has experience creating graphic design and video work for several companies. She has been involved in the art department and set design for various theatre and short film productions. Her production design for film credits include Circles, Alan’s Study, and Luna Moth.




Abacus, Pitching, Cirlces - Eric RoweERIC ROWE

Eric Rowe is a Toronto based freelance cinematographer and filmmaker, who is currently in his fourth and final year of the Image Arts: Film Studies program at Ryerson University. Some of his short-film credits include Circles, The Gospel of Peanutbutter Face, Ed and Leonard and Pitching for the Heights.







Camille Lam is a perfectly bilingual (French and English), creative, and motivated video editor whose biggest sources of inspiration are children and fairytales.

She graduated from l’École secondaire catholique Béatrice-Desloges, where she discovered and deepened her passion for art, theatre, music, and cinema, which lead to her studies at Ryerson University in Toronto. After four years of hard work, motivation and dedication to editing, she received her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts’ Degree through the Image Arts’ Film Studies Program.

In the course of her post-secondary education, Camille has worked for two summers as a co-op student for the Canada Aviation and Space Museum as a Project Manager, where she was in charge of creating promotional videos, documenting events, and directing the start of an oral history documentary project where she gained more experience as a director, and as an editor.

Abacus-Jeffrey-Butzer-238x300Jeffrey Butzer

Jeffrey Butzer works out of Atlanta, Georgia and can beheard playing the accordion, toy piano, bass drum, melodica and the glockenspiel. He plays in the band the Bicycle Eaters, scores films, and has earned accolades from many filmmakers, including Winnipeg-based Guy Maddin.






maria-300x291MARIA KOMECH

Maria Komech grew up in a family of intellectuals and mathematicians. Contrary to their expectations, she fell in love with film, and never considered working in any other field. Upon getting into film school, she discovered the thrill of video editing and sound design. She has since done both for numerous student projects. She worked as an assistant editor on a documentary for CBC’s Nature of Things – “The Jungle Prescription” (2011). She is currently an assistant editor for Accessible Media Inc. In her free time she watches films, takes opera singing lessons, and dreams of making that perfect cut.















For the rest of the Cast and Crew, please refer to the IMDB page for ‘Abacus, My Love’.