Pitching for the Heights

 Pitching for the Heights (2013)





‘Pitching for the Heights’ poster done by Malika Pannek of Made in Brockton Village


When Everett comes back to his old neighbourhood, Regal Heights, he’s feeling a little down. He and his girlfriend have just broken up, he’s striking out in baseball, and to make matters worse, his old house has fallen to ruins and will likely be demolished. Everett’s oldest friend, Chris, is quick to pull Everett out of his rut, reminding him that when the going gets tough, sometimes you just have to eat some pie and watch the sunset on the Toronto skyline.

‘Pitching for the Heights’ was en experiment somewhat based on Cesare Zavattini’s article ‘Some Ideas on the Cinema.’ The use of non-professional actors and real locations was directly inspired by the Italian filmmaker’s writing, though the project itself doesn’t entirely fit the suggested model.


Starring Nick Lucifero and Patrick Love

Produced by Julia Hutchison

Cinematography by Patrick Love

Edited by Sierra Wong


For the rest of the Cast and Crew, please refer to the ‘Pitching for the Heights’ IMDB page.