Circles (2013)

Writer/Art Director





Zach has turned to the art of storytelling as a way of relaxing after of a long day’s work, and is fortunate to have a ten-year-old son, Will, as a captive audience to his tales. Will uses the story time to practice his geometry homework, while the inner workings of his imagination are brought to life in the kitchen where both are seated. Zach’s stories are at first enchanting, but soon Will grows impatient with his father’s poor attention to detail. Zach suggests that Will make up his own story, Will is hesitant, but eventually conjures up a story about the Queen of Circles. At first the story is lighthearted, but it evolves into a much more grim creation, suggesting a much darker secret that Zach cannot handle. Circles is above all about the power of storytelling to entertain, to distract, to cause great joy and sadness. It’s about the worlds to which we escape when faced with tragedy.










JonahJonah Wineberg


Jonah’s credits include I’ll Follow You Down, Faker Chaser, Home For A Day and Breaking Over Me. He was also seen in TV shows like The Next Star (Season 4) and Really Me: Cuffed Up. This is Jonah’s first lead role. He is a member of ACTRA.

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Awards: Young Artist Award – Best Performance in a Short Film – Circles (2013)


ryanRyan Fisher

Ryan’s credits include The Last Man, Hierarchy, Ten, Shadow-weaver and Hold On. Ryan also has many Directing credits to his name and has appeared in Transporter, Episode 110. He is an ACTRA Apprentice.

Visit Ryan’s page on IMDb.





Queen of CirclesLily Krantz

Lily’s credits include Steven Meyerschmidt Bites the Big One and Cell Block Tango.








ZacharyZachary Oullette

Zachary has written and directed many short films and promotional videos. His films include ‘Reverie’, ‘Lover, Please’, ‘Chains’, and ‘Solo’. His films tend to focus more on reality. Whether it be a brief encounter on a bench, or the exhaustion of a mother, his films explore the moments that many do not see. Many of his projects are available to watch on his website.



AlessiaAlessia Lamonaca

Alessia worked as the Script Supervisor and Assistant Director on Scotiabank Nuit Blanche’s Honey, I’m Home exhibit in 2011. She has had experience as the Director, Production Manager, Production Coordinator, Editor and Casting Director on a number of other student projects. Alessia works as a volunteer for the Toronto International Film Festival and the Canadian Screen Awards. ​Many of her projects are available to watch on her website.



Abacus-Circles-Kaitlin-ChurchillKAITLIN CHURCHILL

Kaitlin Churchill is currently a fourth year film student pursuing her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and Certificate in Design for Arts and Entertainment at Ryerson University. Her fascination with visual storytelling led her to her film career where she aspires to become a production designer. She works in a variety of mediums as a freelance artist and has experience creating graphic design and video work for several companies. She has been involved in the art department and set design for various theatre and short film productions. Her production design for film credits include Circles, Alan’s Study, and Luna Moth.







Abacus, Pitching, Cirlces - Eric RoweERIC ROWE

Eric Rowe is a Toronto based freelance cinematographer and filmmaker, who is currently in his fourth and final year of the Image Arts: Film Studies program at Ryerson University. Some of his short-film credits include Circles, The Gospel of Peanutbutter Face, Ed and Leonard and Pitching for the Heights.







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