Circles (2013)

Writer/Art Director



Zach has turned to the art of storytelling as a way of relaxing after of a long day’s work, and is fortunate to have a ten-year-old son, Will, as a captive audience to his tales. Will uses the story time to practice his geometry homework, while the inner workings of his imagination are brought to life in the kitchen where both are seated. Zach’s stories are at first enchanting, but soon Will grows impatient with his father’s poor attention to detail. Zach suggests that Will make up his own story, Will is hesitant, but eventually conjures up a story about the Queen of Circles. At first the story is lighthearted, but it evolves into a much more grim creation, suggesting a much darker secret that Zach cannot handle. Circles is above all about the power of storytelling to entertain, to distract, to cause great joy and sadness. It’s about the worlds to which we escape when faced with tragedy.

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